DINA LUTFI: You are Where You Live: Identity and the City’s Vernacular” is an exploration of identity, space, and the visual communication that can be found within urban public spaces. The themes investigated position graphic design as playing a role in documentation, preservation, and interpretation. 

JESSI BLACKHAM: “The Girl in the Grid // The Girl in the Trees” is an exploration of the opposed relationship of emotion and logic in graphic design and the marginalization of intuition as a valued methodology by European Modernism’s legacy. I seek to understand and heal this dissonance in the form of two oppositional explorations, revealing in the process how both logic and emotion are important facets of our complete humanity.

ROBYN LINDQUIST: The Last Whole Human Catalog” supposes that in examining human functions, it is revealed that our role in evolution is to process and distribute information, and through our creativity, create technologies that extend and improve its speed and reach. 

VIC RODRIGUEZ TANG: Pink Circles, Blue Squares. A Practical Guide to Fight Gender Biases in Graphic Design is an accessible and inviting resource that compiles historical and sociological aspects of gender biases in graphic design. This book is not meant to be THE resource for this particular area of study but instead an initial resource to help others navigate this topic. My thesis is a tool to help others facilitate conversations in a safe space while inviting participants to acknowledge, question, and challenge their own biases based on their experiences.